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Master Chia's curriculum is now online, including Instructor Training.

Join an online Taoist Inner Alchemy Retreat with Grandmaster Mantak Chia. We are in new times, we have embraced the online world fully, although looking forward to being able to travel and get together more easily we can still study at home, taking us to marvellous inner places and teachings from a true Taoist Master of our lifetime.

Mantak Chia will be teaching the Summer Retreat and the special Healing Retreat in July and August. 

"How to form the golden seal, which is the amplifier.....we form this to protect the body....the classes are in March, April and May with a tai chi week. There are 13 movements, the form is from the Yang family, very short, precise, powerful which they only taught in the family, but outside (form taught) is 108 movements, that is not very practical.  There are only 8 forces you need but you need to master 108 movements, it is too difficult

Tai chi is the top internal exercise, the best, the whole world knows this now"

Which is why people practice tai chi in town squares in China. It is a commonly filmed travelogue, featuring especially old and retired people, their flexibility remarkable for their age. In the UK tai chi classes are often NHS funded now, as Western Science has constantly proved what a complete training it is; improvements in body balance, bone mass, mental sharpness, stress relief and strengthened immune systems are some of the reasons. Amongst younger students it is often considered to be a martial art, indeed the cream of training for the same reasons cited above and a perfect antidote to millennium stress.

July 2021 
Inner Alchemy Level I 

These foundational practices will bring you back to your body wisdom and awaken your qi/life-force energy.

This workshop includes:

  • Awakening Healing of the Tao – Back to the Body Wisdom

  • Emotional Wisdom

  • Three Fire – Six Directions


July 2021 
Inner Sexual Alchemy 
Sexual energy provides an extremely powerful means for physical rejuvenation and accessing a higher spiritual energy. Mantak Chia’s most popular class!

This workshop includes:

  • Loving Energy that Heals

  • Sexual Magic

  • Multi-Orgasmic


We might find this class next year, meanwhile we will be doing


Tai Chi Chi Kung Series
this series has finished and will probably be
repeated in 2022
To find a local instructor to learn or practice 
these techniques with: 


​Tai Chi I - Dynamic rooting Chi Kung (2 days)

Tan Tien Chi Kung (2 days)

Tai Chi 2 (2 days)

Iron Shirt I  (2 days)


​Primordial Qigong:

Tendon Nei Gong:

Cosmic Vision 

Bone Marrow Nei Gong

Daily Schedule:

Workshops are from 8:00 - 14:00 (UK time) with one hour break for lunch.

Each workshop is five hours per day online - LIVE.

Free recorded qigong session (30 minutes) daily: 07:20 – 07:50 (UK)

The workshop is translated into seven languages:

Chinese, French, German, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish)


2 Days Webinar: 175 €.

Special rate Tai Chi Qigong Series from 17 April to 11 May 2021: €990 (savings of €400)

Special rate Tai Chi Qigong Series + Tao Basics/ Sexual Alchemy from 10 April to 11 May 2021: €1,250  (savings of €500)

Heading 1

Taoist On-Line Classes available, with teachers trained personally by Master Chia

Master Chia hands over the microphones to other popular teachers, who will review the chi kung and meditations he has been teaching. Enrol in one-hour classes now: review, catch-up, practice.


Become a Tao Instructor?
UHT Instructor Training Evaluation class on Zoom 16th - 18th July 2021, for students who wish to become an Instructor or for Associate Instructors to Upgrade

If you have been following classes with Master Chia in your own living room​, certify to teach, after the necessary 6 months of practice, with our Zoom Evaluation Class  16th - 18th July 2021



Interview with Mantak Chia on London Real

Watch this latest interview with Mantak Chia on London Real. Mantak Chia talks about the immune system and how Taoist practices can help you during this difficult time. London Real have other interviews with Mantak Chia in their archives.  Brian Rose is an excellent interviewer, and London Real have some really interesting videos. 




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