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Master Chia is coming to London 25th - 31st October 2024... bookings open, see             Early Bird Offer on London Programme page

In French, in Paris 11th -17th October 2024

July Discount


Become a Tao Instructor?
Tao Garden will be booking for its annual Summer Retreat 2024 programme when you can follow the general programme or train to become an UHT Instructor, or for Associate Instructors, to Upgrade to Certified Instructor. This is the time to also study  Chi New Tsang and Cosmic Healing. sign up to the newsletter for latest info.
New Certification as Inner Alchemy Qigong Instructor
created by Master Chia 4 years ago to put more CHI into Qigong classes. Some of the required classes will be taught in London and Paris during Master Chia's October Visit. see London Programme

Follow classes in the UK

We have trained and certified instructors in the UK who are ready and would love to teach you. Contact them on their facebook group or sign up to their new newsletter.
or subscribe to the new You Tube channel:

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Join our UK & Universal Instructors, follow classes and continue with instructor training. Here are some of us in Glastonbury May 2023 with Master Chia


New On-Line Classes 2024 Schedule, see link below




Interview with Mantak Chia on London Real

Brian Rose - Founder of London Real - and unsurpassed interviewer ""Mantak Chia is one of the most influential Taoist Masters alive today. His wisdom and insight has inspired millions of individuals across the planet and is now influencing a whole new generation of younger people looking to better understand their failing bodies, and find a deeper meaning for their existence.


"As a healing expert and bestselling author of over 60 books that have been translated into more than 40 languages, Mantak Chia is a man who commands respect despite his modest tone and sincere humility.

This is our sixth conversation, and every time we speak I find myself flooded with a sense of awareness and purpose, and a deeper understanding of what makes us humans tick and more importantly what is holding us back from living a more fulfilling and abundant life.


"Our previous conversations have been downloaded, streamed and shared millions of times including one YouTube video clip on male sexual health that has racked up nearly 7.5 million views alone. It speaks volumes for the insight that Mantak provides and his willingness to address issues we often shy away from in western culture and moreover western medicine.""


Watch this latest interview with Mantak Chia on London Real. Mantak Chia talks about the immune system and how Taoist practices can help you during this difficult time. London Real have other interviews with Mantak Chia in their archives.  Brian Rose is an excellent interviewer, and London Real have some really interesting videos. 


Seminar Venue
The Columbia Hotel Lancaster Gate, London


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