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Video Study With Mantak Chia

There have been many interesting and unexpected changes in study paths due to Covid. Master Chia has been teaching a lot on-line throughout this 'covid' period and as a result he has organised many of his classes into 5-hour, 2 - 4 day workshops some of which are available to buy as keep-for-ever videos. The demonstrations have different camera angles showing exact hand positions on the body for CNT. You can take screen shots of the graphics, there are support booklets and you can register your video studies in your UHT passport to become an Instructor or CNT practitioner.  Of  course you need some 'real people' experience at some point, and you can continue the training with local instructors in 'real classes' and others further away on-line.  This makes studying easy, it is a great opening of the system. We have been able to experience how CHI can be transmitted over the www waves and so now working and teaching around Tao at a distance has become a reality and UHT has adapted Instructor support accordingly.

How to study with Master Chia's Videos

When you purchase the videos, you can then register the hours you spend studying them to become a CNT practitioner or UHT Instructor. Download the appropriate form above, for CNT, and start your CNT certification. Go to the link below to download your UHT passport, record all your bought videos or on-line classes in it. Also see the info on becoming an instructor on that page.

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