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Short but Sweet Tai Chi Video 

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Some Recent Testimonials

I have attended a few online and in person Master Chia's events over the past few years and all have been a great experience. 

I still remember my very first online workshop. On that day I have woken up feeling sick with high temperature and muscles pain and was wondering if I would be able to take part in the workshop at all. But I decided to join and stay for as long as I could. This was I think 8 hour workshop and as the day progressed, we've learned and practised Master Chia's different energy exercises.

 To my surprise, at the end of the workshop, I realised that not only I was able to fully participate the whole day but the symptoms I had in the morning almost disappeared as I kept moving the energy in my body following Master Chia's guidance.

Thank you Master Chia. I am forever grateful for all your amazing teachings.

J.  2024


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