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"The whole Tao practice is called the Inner Alchemy practice and the Supreme Inner Sexual Alchemy is the whole Taoist system of how to change the ‘material’ into the ‘immaterial’. 


In the normal sexual way, men lose a lot of energy through ejaculation and women through loss of blood, during menstruation.  So the Supreme Inner Sexual Alchemy teaches you how to prevent this loss of energy, and how to transform  a material thing into something ‘immaterial’, i.e. the sexual organ into sexual energy and then to bring this sexual energy up higher. In the Tao, sexual energy is seen as a very high form of energy.

Usually people just lose a lot of this energy through ejaculation and menstruation.  But sexual energy is a creating power, it creates us, and it has the most healing power.  


Doctors have discovered that if there is no sexual energy reaching the brain, the brain shrinks, gets old and dies.  So first we want to take the sexual energy up to revitalise the brain and make it healthier, stronger, bigger, to increase our knowledge and alertness. This is the major key to longevity. 


Thousands of years ago the Tao, and other systems, discovered that orgasm, compassion and loving energy have a lot of healing power when combined. So when we have arousal, orgasm and loving compassion fire combined together we can use them to heal, create, connect to the higher spiritual practices and connect to the source. So it is a technique which cultivates orgasmic energy: men can train to not lose their energy through ejaculation and women can train to shorten their bleeding during menstruation.  


Men learn a very powerful technique to control ejaculation thus conserving their energy and cultivating greater orgasms, becoming multi-orgasmic and women learn how to transform the blood into chi. 


In the latter part of Tao techniques there are descriptions of how to produce ‘ambrosia’ in women – female ejaculation. Because the lady is water, if their glands do not produce enough water their sexual glands dry up until they cannot produce any more sexual hormones. 


Scientists have discovered that a major cause of Alzeihmer’s disease is a lack of sexual hormone in the brain. The last part of the practice teaches how partners can exchange energy which will then increase their orgasms, permitting multi-orgasms for the man and multi-ejaculations for the woman. 


In olden times there were important secret initiation ceremonies for these practices. It was known as a process which deleted the name from the book of death and re-wrote the name in the book of life."

~ Mantak Chia

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