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Master Chia is currently unable to confirm his next London visit.
Please sign up to the newsletter to get notified about his next workshop in London.

In the event of another London seminar, this 2019 program will give you some idea of class times and subjects.




World-famous Grand Master Mantak Chia will be in London from the 15 - 21 October 2021 to teach the Healing Tao system. Over 6 days Master Chia will share the Taoist wisdom and practices that have helped thousands of his students improve their health and happiness.

Whether you’re new to the Tao or wish to deepen your experience, this annual week in London gives you all the tools you need. We will be working on taking our bodies back to their basic energy wisdom with meditations and chi kung, and using our vibrant core to improve flexibility, sexual vitality and eyesight. 

Train with Grand Master Mantak Chia and learn:

  • Back to Body Wisdom – Taoist Inner Alchemy practices

  • Healing Love & Tao Yin

  • Tendon Nei Kung (Iron Shirt Chi Kung 2) & Cosmic Eye Exercises

  • Healing Love & Tao Yin

Master Chia has authored over 50 books and trained and certified tens of thousands of students and instructors from all over the world. In recognition of his work Master Mantak Chia was named Qigong Master of the Year by the International Congress of Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong in 1990 and 2012, the only master to receive this prestigious award twice. And was recently voted by Watkins Review in their 100 spiritual power list 2014 as the 32nd most influential spiritual leader and author alive today.

Take this opportunity in London to meet Master Chia in person and learn these powerful ancient techniques with the founder of the system.


Course Programme 2019 


Friday, 18th October


10:30  – 17:30

Demonstrations, talks and mini classes by local Tao Instructors 

£5 only for the day


19:00  – 21:00 
Evening Lecture by Mantak Chia “Back to Body Wisdom –  Chi for all parts of Body & Mind” 

£25 / £20 Concessions*


Saturday, 19th & Sunday, 20th October


10:00  – 17:30
Back to Body Wisdom: Inner Alchemy Taoist Basic Practices:

Inner Smile, 6 Healing Sounds and Microcosmic Orbit 

£260 / £234 Concessions*


Monday, 21st & Tuesday, 22nd October


10:00  – 17:30

Sexual Alchemy and Tao Yin: Grounding for our Inner Core  

£260  / £234  Concessions*


Wednesday, 23rd & Thursday, 24th October


Wed 10:00  – 17:30 

Thu 10:00  – 17:00  

Tendon Nei Kung and Cosmic Eye exercises:

Use Wood energy to improve your tendon strength and eyesight

£260 (Deposit: £130 / £234 (Deposit: £117) Concessions*


All 6 days: £710 / £639 Concessions*


Workshops are suitable for students of all levels. However, we recommend you attend the Taoist Basic Practices weekend before taking the Healing Love & Tendon Nei Kung workshops.  Master Chia personally leads meditations, demonstrates Chi Kung and corrects students.

NB: the room is carpeted but you might prefer to bring a yoga mat or towel for the Tao Yin sessions.

* Concessions available to: job-seekers and full-time students.



For more detailed information on each of the events scroll down.



Friday, 18th October 2019
10:30 – 17:00

Come along to our Open Day on Friday, 18th October to get a taste of the system.


We have short taster classes, demos and talks on the basic practices (the Inner Smile, 6 Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit). Other subjects will be included depending on the programme for example: Healing Love, Tai Chi, Taoist Astrology and how to understand your basic 5 element energy.


Classes are given by local instructors trained personally by Master Chia.

£5 only for the day!

Open Day


Back to Body Wisdom –  Chi for all parts of Body & Mind
19:00 – 21:00

You may have discovered Master Chia through one of his books or online videos now you can train directly with him and feel the energy in the room. 


This year's lecture will focus on how to take our bodies back to their basic energy wisdom 


We advise signing up quickly for the lecture because tickets are limited and due to its popularity we will sell out.

Mantak Chia London
Evening Lecture


Basic Practices

Microcosmic Orbit, Inner Smile & 6 Healing Sounds


Master Chia will share the three major techniques of the basic practices of his system over two days.


Practical, easy to learn and do - they are the techniques you will use after the course to transform your stress into vitality and improve your mental, physical and emotional life. 

The 6 Healing Sounds help to detox and balance our vital organ energy.  The Inner Smile is a transforming meditation which tops up our original energy. The Microcosmic Orbit is the natural path for energy to flow in our body:  when blocked it is often the cause of illnesses and weaknesses.


Sexual Alchemy and
Tao Yin

Sexual Energy is a creative and healing power, learn how to harness and use this vital energy with Taoist meditations. Using this energy for the brain and body organs is an alchemy process and it is important to understand the basic inner alchemy techniques before taking this class.

Tao Yin is similar to yoga as there are many floor based postures: sitting, lying, stretching, which work chi through the body's meridians and particularly the psoas muscles.  It is of considerable benefit for: the back & spinal column, abdomen, breathe etc.


Tendon Nei Kung and
Cosmic Eye Exercises

Tendon Nei Kung is a chi kung practice based on the tendons: ‘staying youthful depends on your tendon’s flexibility’ is a Chinese proverb.

The Tendon Nei Kung practices strengthen the tendons whilst introducing space in the joints.

This can improve or prevent arthritis as well as helping our major organs to function, thus relieving conditions such as; constipation, headaches, abdominal cramps. 


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