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Tai Chi Qigong 

How to train in Nei Kung or  

The Internal Structure

Mantak Chia will be teaching the re-known 13 movement forms. This form is an in-house Yang family form, traditionally taught only within the family and which Mantak Chia has specialised in for the last 60 years.  13 movements, so much shorter than the other 108 movement forms, but concentrated. It is about the 8 forces and the 5 elements and gets right to the point.

This is not a choreography but a real way to generate qi/chi. This eagerly anticipated Tai Chi Qigong Series is for those who wish to develop their internal energy through uniquely powerful practices. It gives an opportunity to explore the spiritual aspects of moving meditations.   From the same precious source comes Primordial Chi Kung.

Learn Nei Gong – the art of Inner Power.  Training in Tai Chi and making it your daily practice is the highest pursuit of Qi.

Tai Chi is now acknowledged to be a sublime form of physical practice. Mantak Chia is teaching tai chi with essential preparations in Spring 2022, on-line:

— Module 1 (Sunday, April 24th) Inner Alchemy of Tai Chi + Tao Yin

— Module 2 (Sunday, May 1st) Inner Alchemy of Tai Chi + Tan Tien Qigong

— Module 3 (Sunday, May 8th) Inner Alchemy of Tai Chi + Iron Shirt I (rooting, principles)

— Module 4 (Sunday, May 15th) Inner Alchemy of Tai Chi + Cosmic primordial Qigong

— Module 5 (Sunday, May 22nd) Application of Tai Chi and Iron Shirt II

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Training Video Release Date in 2021

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