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Supreme Inner Alchemy
Basic Practice explained by Grand Master Mantak Chia


"It is the most basic training of the Tao…. my Taoist Master said to me ‘I want the whole world to learn how to open the Cosmic Orbit'."


That was a very big assignment for me and since then I have attempted to do that. My Master also called this the Taoist ‘born-again’ process because we go back to being like a foetus in the womb when the orbit was open and we were connected to the Primordial Force, the source or the Supreme Creator.  


Everything in the Universe is moving in an Orbit and we are connected with this bigger orbit and the whole universe when the orbit is open; if we cannot do the orbit, we cannot connect with it.  I learned this from my Master; he helped me to open my orbit – otherwise it can take many years  - and he entrusted this energy to me and now, after 45 years of practice and teaching, I know how to help people to open their orbit. Often in 1 or 2 days they can really feel the energy flow inside of themselves, rather than it taking much longer. With their orbit open they can achieve better health, better wisdom, better healing and spiritual energy, because they can connect to the Primordial Force.  


It is the beginning of the most basic Supreme Inner Alchemy change… it is the beginning of what we call the ‘water and fire’ practice.  


The Tao says we have water and fire in the body and usually the water flows down from the bottom of the body and we lose it. So the Tao says that you start with the Tan Tien fire and turn the water wheel, make water turn into fire and it changes into Chi and that is the beginning of the Supreme Inner Alchemy changes. If there were no more water and fire in the world, it would end. It is about the balancing of water and fire.


The Inner Smile Meditation also makes Inner Alchemy changes. These Tao practices mean that your body is the temple of the soul and the spirit. Jesus said “your body is the temple of God”, Buddha said the same thing. Neither Jesus, Budddha, nor Mohammed ever built a temple; they just developed their own temple.


The basic thing you must know is about your organs; where they are located, and the negative and positive emotions stored in them. For example, the liver stores anger, but also kindness, generosity and loving energy. The Tao says that if you know where your organ is.. the liver is here on the right side of the body, you picture it, you smile to it you and when you are angry you smile to it and send it love, kindness and rub around the liver until you start to feel that the anger is changing into kindness and generosity and that is the most simple but powerful alchemy that we can do every day. Transform hate into love in our hearts.

The next thing we learn in this self-help healing practice is the 6 Healing Sounds, which is a way of cleansing the negative emotions stored in our organs. Now Western researchers see that the organs are like hard disks, recording our negative experiences and emotions. Taoists discovered the same many thousands of years ago. Negative emotions are part of us, we see emotions as negative and positive energy. Supreme Inner Alchemy practices transform negative into positive. We can continue these changes to a higher level. The Tao does not see negative emotions as sinful or caused by the devil, but tries to establish a ‘ph’ balance between them.  Acid is negative, positive is alkaline, and we are looking for a ph balance between them. However if negative emotions are too extreme then this is harmful…. Too acid! So every day we look for a balance and stop extremes.  


Do not fight the negative but balance it.. this is what the Healing Sounds can achieve. Experiences which bother us, drain us, can be deleted by this tool. Some emotions can be recycled like compost and transformed into positive energy. Anything that we cannot recycle ourselves, we can send to Mother Earth who can transform this energy and give it us back as healing power, wealth and wisdom. It is a must for everybody who understands the importance of Supreme Inner Alchemy as we deal with this daily, with every breath that we take."

~ Mantak Chia 

The Inner Smile


The Inner Smile is a powerful internal healing and relaxation meditation. Deep relaxation dissolves physical and mental tensions that can cause energy blockages and unhealthy Chi.


The Inner Smile enhances the energy of the organs and glands, our life force in general, and stills and focuses the heart and mind. It makes us more aware of our body and inner being, because we learn to communicate with our organs, glands, spine and other specific parts of our body, as well as our soul.


Taoists discovered that consciousness is rooted not only in the brain, but also in the vital organs and in a more subtle sense, in each of the cells. Smiling to the organs and thanking them for the work they do will reawaken the intelligence of the body. We are often so out of touch with the body and emotions that we do not notice inner disharmony.

The Six Healing Sounds

The Six Healing Sounds and related postures help to restore, balance, and cleanse the vital organs. They also stimulate the Chi flow throughout the body to enhance one’s overall health and vitality. These Cosmic Six Healing Sounds and their postures help to release any excess heat that may be trapped in the cooling sacs which surround each organ. During this class, Master Chia will show you how to assume the postures and produce the sounds sub-vocally; their vibrations redistribute any excess heat into cooler regions of the body where it can safely be stored or used.  Once the organ energies are balanced, you have a good foundation for establishing and nurturing the virtue energies. This will help to maintain the Chi balance throughout the system.


Practice of the Cosmic Six Healing Sounds will restore and maintain your calmness and good health. Greater sexual pleasure and improved digestion will occur. Minor ailments, such as colds, flu, and sore throats, can be prevented or thrown off easily. Several psychologists have taught some of their patients to use the Cosmic Six Healing Sounds to relieve depression, anxiety or anger; and body work oriented healers have used the Six Healing Sounds to help speed up healing, and the healer spends less life force energy.

The Microcosmic Orbit

Learn the preparations correctly: Chi Kung Warm-ups; Sitting properly and keeping the spine supple and loose; Inner Smiling; Warming the Stove; Activating Sexual Energy; Gathering Tan Tien Chi. Learn and use the recommended techniques for enhancing the sensation of Chi: Mind eye Power; hands-on touching of Vital Chi Centers; the natural Breathing Method. Use them in combination to draw ever more Chi into the Microcosmic Orbit. Use the hands to focus your awareness and to move the Chi. Utilize the slow, deep breath to expand and open the centers. These techniques will support the conscious opening of your Microcosmic Orbit.  During the seminar Master Chia will help participants to open their own orbit.

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